Today’s Reading: 1 Samuel 17

Key Verse: David told Saul, “I can’t even move with all this stuff on me. I’m not used to this.” And he took it all off. – 1 Samuel 17:39

How do you view your giants? You may not have a nine-foot-tall giant warrior taunting you, but we all face giants. Your Goliath may be an addiction, habit, attitude, an employment crisis, a financial or marital problems. Whatever our giant may be, by looking at this account in David’s life, we can learn some principles about facing them. While everyone else feared, David trusted.

Remember God’s faithfulness: David’s remembered when a lion and a bear tried to steal some sheep out of his flock, but God empowered him to protect them. What David is reminding us to do here is to remember that the same God who has answered prayers before is still the same. He delivered the Hebrews from Egypt, He healed the sick and raised the dead. He saved us from our sinful way and brought us into life. Instead of focusing on the giant, David focused on God’s faithfulness.

David trusts God for the victory: It’s easy to get caught up with the world’s way of doing things. There are plenty of self-improvement books to read. Ten steps to almost anything. David didn’t go into battle with ‘what worked for someone else.’ David left Saul’s armour behind and relied on God using his gifts and abilities. If you’re frustrated trying to walk in someone else’s shoes, it is time to allow God to determine your steps.

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