Today’s ReadingAmos 4:1-6:14

Consider the text today as God’s warning to anyone who’s ‘playing Church!’ I ought to just finish right there with that one statement, for the text says it all. Amos, here, is dealing with those who like to try to fool people by acting holy.

Man is easy to fool because man’s assessment and evaluation of people is based on what man sees ‘outwardly.’ In other words, man’s view and purview of humanity is based on what man is capable of seeing with his natural eye. But Amos is letting us know that there is an ‘unseen eye’ that sees all we do and an ‘unseen ear’ that hears all we say. That unseen eye and that unseen ear belongs to God… and God sees stuff and knows stuff about you that nobody else knows.

You sometimes expect people in the world to be unruly and ungodly, because people are basically trying to impress everyone else. But when it comes to the church you don’t expect to find fakes and phonies in the house of the Lord. God’s house is supposed to be made up of regenerated believers, who are becoming sanctified, who are on their way to become glorified people. Regeneration means: you have turned from sin, and turned to Christ. Sanctified means: You’re still not what you ought to be, but you’re not what you used to be… and everyday you’re getting better and becoming more like Christ. And then, Glorified is the state you become after Christ returns in the rapture… when we see Him as He is and become like Him!

But we find today like then that there are people who look like diamonds. They sparkle like diamonds. But they have no worth. They just here to look cute and try to fool somebody! But these are people who don’t believe and Amos is trying to tell us… only those in a right relationship with God will survive to enjoy the benefits of the Day of the Lord.

Amos says “That’s what he means when he says, it will be like a picture of a man who escapes from a lion and while doing so, he runs into a bear. He gets away from the bear and makes it to the safety of his house only to relax in his home and in his exhaustion leans against the wall, only to be bitten by a snake!”

Either you can get right with God or things will be from bad to worse to worst.

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