Here are the Easter Invites which I designed for our Holy Week Services at Park Baptist Church in Merthyr Tydfil. They have been handed out by church members, delivered door-2-door and handed out in the town centre.

The design was based on the following: I wanted something which was clean looking and fitting in with our church. The message of Faith, Hope, Love is something which most people can relate too and the first two images bring this home. A lot of people have experience this faith which the child has while been thrown into the air. Either as a parent or as the child. Almost Everyone has experience Hope and hoped for something in their life. The seedling was a good example for this, especially for me since I enjoy gardening.

Then we come to the Love – which I think will be a shock for most people, because most people relate the cross to pain, hurt, death, etc and while being all of these things, above all it was the greatest act of Love by Jesus Christ. ‘No Greater Love has man then this, that he would lay down his life for his friends’ yet Jesus even laid down his life for his enemies.

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