Today’s Reading: Matthew 10:24-11:6

John had doubts about who Jesus was. Are you the one? He wanted to check it out. As he sat in jail, he struggled with what he had heard about Jesus. He questioned, he had doubts, he wondered. He might be thinking, “I’ve heard rumours about Jesus. I thought I knew my cousin pretty well. I remember that day in the Jordan when I baptised him. What a glorious day. But, where is he now? Why isn’t he doing what I said he would do? Is he really the one or should I look for another?

In the book, “A sign in the straw” Pastor Richard Hoefler asks,

“Who of us have not cried out with John, ’Are you the Christ, or shall we look for another’? When life gets tough and we see innocent people suffer. The bad so often succeed while the good fail. When we face a world locked in the death grip of one meaningless war after another; when we witness the destruction of nature as greed and desire for comforts drain the earth of her natural resources; when we choke on pollution and stumble over wrecked lives of people struck down by drugs and alcoholism; who can help but cry out, ’If you are the Messiah, why this? Must we, shall we, look for another?’ “When will we learn that faith does not have all the answers? Faith is a risk. Faith is a life of trust, God never promised answers to all our questions. God never promised a life without stress. He promises and gives only Himself, with all the dangers and risks of personal encounters.”.:

He writes further,”Our hope? Not faith without doubt, but faith within doubts. Not the answers we possess but who possesses us. We may doubt God, but God never doubts us. We may not know the fullness of God’s ways but He with absolute certainty knows us. This is the gospel. This is our life. This is the love that will never let us go.”


What causes you to question God?


Father, Thank You that You are always God and always looking after us. Help us through those moments of doubt. In Jesus’ name, Amen


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