Today’s Reading: 1 Kings 11:1-12:19 

Most people do not pay much attention to failures of small nature. In failing to dot every “I”, or cross ever “T”, we don’t think much about it, but God has much to say about the small things. It is the little-unnoticed things that usually destroy man.

We tend to underestimate the smaller things in life. A flea is very small, but enough of them can kill a nation by speeding the plague. The termite is a very small insect, but it can destroy a 3 story house if ignored. Solomon even warns of the “Little foxes”. (Song 2:15 KJV) “Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines:…..”

Joab and David were in Edom and had slain all the men in Edom. Joab was in the process of burying the dead, and while he was there Hadad, a little child, fled Edom and went to Egypt. The one that Joab let get away is the one that became the adversary of Solomon. Joab’s failure didn’t have any bearing on David or on Joab himself, but it came back to haunt the next generation. By the time Solomon was well into his reign as king of Israel Hadad is full grown and he is the adversary of Israel. Solomon has to deal with that which Joab let get away.

Little things will become big things. How many problem do we have in our culture today that could have been dealt with by the previous generation? How many issues are we creating for the next?

If you want to know why you do not see God do the big things in your life? It’s because you are still learning to deal with the “little things” correctly. Don’t ignore the little things. Someone so accurately said, “Take care of the little things and the big things will take care of themselves.” I believe all of us can testify positive to that principle.

Another version of that last phrase is: “Take care of the little things like they were big things, and God will allow you to take care of the big things like they were little things.”

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