Today’s Reading: Mark 4:26-5:20

A growing body of medical specialists say, the majority of the chronic patients they treat illnesses started not with a cough or cold but with fear. Fear of losing a job, of old age, of money troubles, or of being exposed. Sometimes the fear is nothing more than superficial anxiety; sometimes it is so deep-seated that the patient himself denies its existence. Sooner or later these fears manifest themselves as “a clinical symptom.” The patient begins a series of rounds, doctor to doctor, taking injections, hormones, tranquillizers and tonics in search of for relief.

We have all had that “sinking feeling,” haven’t we? We’ve all had our share of storms. There are various types of storms in life and each one takes us on a different course yet, God is always in control.

Sometimes Jesus calms the storms. He has the power to do so. That is one of the lessons of this passage today. Jesus has the authority over creation. He has the power over the storms of your life. He who created the mountains can say to those mountains in your life, “Move and be cast yonder in the sea,” and they will obey Him. In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33 NIV

A little boy who was fishing one day years ago. He saw one of the big beautiful Paddle Steamboats headed down the river and he immediately stood up and began yelling and waving, “Over here! Over here!” I want to ride.” An old man fishing near the boy on the bank tried to calm down the boy explaining that the big riverboat was much too important a ship to stop and give rides to little boys. You can imagine the old man’s surprise when the huge ship began crossing over to the riverside where the two were fishing. When the boat edged to the riverbank and dropped its gangplank the little boy climbed aboard. When he reached the pilot house on the ship the little boy called down to the elderly gentleman, “Mister, I knew this ship would stop for me. The captain is my father!” The little boy knew his location – he knew where he stood in relation to the Captain and he could call the ship over fully expecting it to do so.

Through difficulties come victories. The trials we face help build our faith. They make us mature. The thing we can be sure of is that God is there with us and able to pick us up.


How does our relationship with the Father change the storms we face?

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