Over the past days we have been looking at some examples of spiritual gifts. This leads us to the next question; “If all believers have spiritual gifts, how do I know what my spiritual gifts are?”

This is a question which many people face and hopefully we will be able to address this and point ourselves in the right direction to discovering our spiritual gifts.

There are lots of ways to discover your spiritual gifts, but firstly today I would like to share an illustration a fun kind of illustration by Craig Groeschel.

‘The apple-pie demonstration’.

Imagine you are at a table, with a bunch of people, and there is someone about to eat an apple pie, and their apple pie is on the edge of the table, about to fall off. You see they are vulnerable, and yet, they put their fork in their apple pie, and it flops into their lap! What do you do? What you do next helps to determine possibly what your gift is. How many of you would say, “I have almost told you that was about to happen, you idiot, you shouldn’t of done that, I saw it coming!” How many of you do that? Point at those who do that, that’s even better! You have the gift of prophecy.

How many of you, on the other hand, would say, “Oh man, let me help you clean that up, here is a napkin, let me wipe you up! Here, let’s get you taken care of!” How many of you are like that? You have the gift of serving and this is a spiritual gift.

Some of you might say, “Oh, I’ve researched this, and really, there is a better way to eat an apple pie! Step 1 is; you do this!” Point to those people who have the gift of teaching right now!

Some of you would go, “Oh that’s so oh, I feel for you! You know that happened to me 1 time, don’t worry about it; its okay! Watch this!” You throw it on yourself to make them feel better! If that’s you, you have the gift of encouragement.

If you would say, “Oh here, take mine; in fact, bring apple pies for everybody and put whip cream on it!” How many of you would be doing that? You have the gift of giving.

Those of you who would say, “We can get this thing cleaned up in no time; you go get this, and to another you go get this, and I’ve got a vision to make this better!” You have the gift of leadership.

Those of you who would say, “My heart sinks, when it was falling in your lap, I was hurting for you and with you, and I am just so devastated you are going through this right now!” If you are like that, you have the spiritual gift of mercy, or showing kindness.

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