It has been said, “He who buries his talent is making a grave mistake.”

Yet it is even worst to bury our spiritual gifts. God has given each believer a spiritual gift that He wills us to use for His glory, but we oftentimes don’t use it. We may deny that we actually have a gift or if we do acknowledge it, we may doubt its usefulness to glorify God, and then just bury it. But we must realize that God wants us to be involved with His work. As we have seen over the last weeks, He is so great that by His Holy Spirit, He freely distributes gifts to all who are saved – and if He gives a free gift He not only wants us to use it but expects us to.

We have been talking the last few days about discovering our spiritual gifts, first we seen with the apple pie demonstration, that our spiritual gifts show themselves in our character, and then yesterday we seen that the best way to discover our gifts is by serving.

You may already know what your spiritual gifts are or you may still be seeking. Many people find ‘spiritual gift tests’ useful to point them in the right direction. These tests do not guarantee what gifts you have, but they are helpful to get an idea. God may have given you gifts that you didn’t think you could ever have.

We are blessed today that there are many ‘spiritual gift tests’ online, which means you simply have to click the answer which best matches you and everything else is worked out for you. Do forget these are just a guide, but can prove helpful.

There are many good test’s online in many languages. have an adult and youth test on their website, click here for the adult test or here for the youth test.

It would be great to here feedback from you if you do any of these tests. Did the test reconfirm a gift you thought you had? Did it surprise you with anything? Any other tips for discovering spiritual gifts? Please comment below, so we can bless each other.

Have a great Sunday!!

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