Creating healthy eating habits begin in the kitchen. This is the area where food is stored, meals are created, and habits are formed. We get into the habit of quick and easy meals simply because we don’t have the time to cook for hours. It can mean using the wrong ingredients, rushing through a recipe and not really thinking about the calorie and fat content, and forgetting what you are really putting into your body. How many meals have you eating this past week, of which you can not list the ingredients? It is possible to develop good eating habits even when you are pressed for time. These are a few tips that will help you keep it healthy while you cook.


Healthier portion size – When it comes to creating a meal for your family you don’t need to overdo it on the amount. Make sure you keep your portion size big enough to feed everyone but not big enough to feed everyone two or three times. This will help you lose a few unwanted pounds, and you will also see a drastic change to your grocery / supermarket bill if you just buy what is needed.


Stick with whole, fresh foods – Avoid processed foods. Junk food has little nutritional value and bring little into your home except bad eating habits, extra fat content, and cabinet full of unhealthy choices. Whole grains, and fruits and vegetables make much better choices when it comes to cooking a meal for the family. You can even go organic if you choose but the important thing to be mindful of what you don’t want in your kitchen. Do your research about processed foods and you will understand why you want to avoid them.


Watch the salt – Sodium is one of those things that is highly overused especially in processed foods. We sometimes make a habit of using too much while we are cooking as well. There are other spices and seasonings that can be used to add flavor to the meal without adding a ton of unhealthy salt to the mix. The next time you prepare a meal think about how much salt you use. You might be surprised at how much goes into the food you prepare without even thinking about it.


Grill or Bake– These are a couple different ways you can prepare your food in order to get the healthiest meal possible. Avoid deep-frying when you cook. The result is that these methods don’t allow as much fat to be consumed because it drips away in the process. You can also bake your chicken, seafood, vegetables, and other meats in the oven for a healthier choice.

There are many ways you can ensure better eating habits for your family and it begins in the hands of the chef. If you can make a few slight changes in the way you cook and what foods you bring into the house, you will begin to see those bad habits disappear. Make sure you include the whole family when making this decision. Once everyone is on board you can start to make the changes that will benefit your life and health forever.

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