“He must become greater; I must become less.” – John 3:30

When we think about our present world, we have been deluged with the philosophy that our sight should be to move up in the world. It plays into our egos and delights us to no end. Up is a word that signifies one who has power.

Yet, with that in mind, the words of John the Baptist startle us. John tells his disciples “Jesus must increase and he must decrease.” It would seem that the greatest oxymoron would be the phrase “DESCENDING INTO GREATNESS.” It seems absurd, yet that is exactly what John was saying to his disciples.

As we look at the yearning of our souls, which are often all about us, what will it take to open the eyes of our heart and soul and scream out to God to fill us, fill us until we can’t take it anymore. Have you ever laughed so hard that you couldn’t take any more laughter? Have you gotten to the point of laughing so hard that your stomach hurts, your eyes are tearing? It feels so good, yet any more laughter and you think you’ll burst!

That’s the type of filling in our souls and hearts I’m talking about. That God is so much in our lives, that all thing of us don’t really matter anymore. That we are so full of God’s love and grace that people can’t but see Him shining through our lives. That God has filled us so much, it’s now all about Him.

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