I’ve just recently turn my daily devotional mobile (cell) friendly. If you visit www.jtdyer.com/dailydevo from your mobile phone, you will be taken automatically to an alternative version of the website specially designed to make usability much easier while accessing for a mobile phone.

I was inspired to make this section of my website ‘mobile friendly’ after reading some amazing figures on mobile us. There are currently Current worldwide number of mobile cellular telephone subscriptions: 4,321,450,800 mobile users in the world and this compares with just 1.4 billion internet users. 77% of internet users access the web from their phone. Check out this graph for more statistics

Yesterday I also started to a new series called ‘Faith, Hope, Love – The most excellent way’ where we shall be looking at what the Bible teaches about these 3 important words and how we can imply this to our life.

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