This post is going to be short but I just wanted to send some quick information from Sarajevo.

Yesterday we had an early start and left for Zagreb, Croatia at 6am. The flight went really well and despite one bag going missing (which should arrive tonight), everything was great and also we managed to get tickets for the night train.

After buying the tickets we just spent some time around down town Zagreb understanding some of the Croatian culture.

[nggallery id=21]

We woke this morning on the night train and rather tired we got off the train and went to our hosts for breakfast. Today we had a really amazing day with OM Sarajevo and also praying for the UK. I must say it was just awesome to be with them.

After we went down town to eat some typical Bosnian food and see some of Sarajevo. Again sorry this blog is short, but I hope you enjoy the photos.

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