Today’s Reading: 1 Kings 12:20-13:34

We live in a world intent on making things convenient for us. There are a host of things that have made life more convenient and our bodies increasingly lazy. We no longer cross the room to change the TV channel instead we use the remote control. Advertisers constantly tell us that this new product, be it a car, a vacuum cleaner, or a bottle of bleach is more convenient for us. Today if it’s not convenient, we leave it alone until we find something that is.

Our expectation of convenience is forever creeping into our spiritual lives as well. The only problem is that when Jesus said, if anyone would follow me he or she must pick up his or her cross daily and follow me, Jesus forgot to add the phrase, which is when you find it convenient to do so.

When there is a job to be done at the church or at home, does your willingness to volunteer for the job depend on whether it is Christian to do so, or whether it is convenient for you to do so. I have found that the Christian thing to do is not usually the convenient thing to do. I’ve even discovered that God expects me to do things at some very inconvenient times.

Convenience destroyed the spiritual life a nation. An example of this in today’s reading with Jeroboam. Instead of remembering God, Jeroboam starts to thinking. One of the great paradoxes in the Christian walk is, why do so many of us believe that God calls us, only to leave us in our time of need. Why do we believe like Adam and Eve, that God really is trying to keep us from having a good time? Why do we believe that the God who loves us more than anyone does, is going to let us slip through the cracks? Why do we believe we’ve got to have a secret backup plan just in case God fails us?

Jeroboam enjoyed the convenience of being a king, more than he did serving God. There is no way anyone was going to take his position away from Him. He thinks of number one. It’s not a convenient time for Him to trust God with this situation. Whatever God gives to you, God can see to it that you keep it. By the same token, whatever we take for ourselves, God can take it away and give it to others.

Jesus does not call us to convenience, He calls us to commitment. He does not call us to scheme and to connive, he calls us to trust Him. He does not call us to have us to inform Him of our schedule, but rather to tell us what our new schedule will be. As your examine your walk with the Lord, are you moved to action by the needs and call of Jesus Christ or are you moved only when it is convenient.

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