Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. – Romans 12:11

One pastor said that his church was filled with willing members – 20% were willing to work, and 80% were willing to let them.

Stuart Briscoe who is a pastor in Wisconsin offers a great comparison between serving and sitting in a stadium watching football. During a game there are 22 people on the field in desperate need of rest and 50,000 spectators in desperate need of exercise!

A lot of people will treat the church like a movie theater—getting there late, leaving while the credits are rolling, checking texts and e-mails during the film, etc. Sometimes we bring that same consumer mentality to church. If we foster consumers instead of communers, we’ll end up with customers instead of disciples. It might fill up an auditorium, but it will never turn the world upside down for Christ

A healthy successful church is a serving church! A healthy believer is a serving believer.


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