Today’s Reading: Acts 8:14-40 

How do you do when it comes to sharing the good news about Jesus? There are some of us that sharing the good news about Jesus is very natural. It comes easy for us. But for others, we find it very difficult. We get tongue-tied and nervous. We even worry that we might say the wrong thing. We know we should say something. We know that God has changed us, and because of that, we know He can help others as well. We want to be a witness to this difference Jesus has caused in us.

God effectively used Philip to open salvation to the Samaritans. Philip has been having great success in Samaria. And when one is having success, I think it is pretty natural to try to stay with that success. That certainly would have been the temptation here, but Philip’s response teaches us an important lesson, which is when God gives specific direction, a discussion is not what is on God’s mind. Many of us would have argued with the Lord about His next step for us. Lord, look, revival has broken out…the Spirit is moving…people are rejoicing…I having the time of my life. Yet, as far as we know, Philip did not say those things. He also did not say, “Well, Lord, I have to pray about this to see if this really is Your will.” You see, one does not schedule the will of God, and when God says, “Go,” we are to go. This is what Philip does. He is to go on the road to Gaza, a desert road, there is nothing but hot, barren land, which was not travelled during the heat of the day. But because the Lord said to get on this road, Philip does it.

When Philip gets there, he is not on his own because the Secretary of the Treasury of Ethiopia is on his way home with a great entourage from his visit to Jerusalem. He was a respected man. He was a court official of the queen. So, he wielded great influence and power. This was a man of wealth, status and prestige. Philip stops walking because he is invited to share his understanding of Isaiah the prophet. So Philip explained the truth about Jesus. He talked about how Jesus went through undeserved suffering. He talked about the ugliest unjust death. He spoke of the forgiveness of sin that was now available.

So how about us? Are we taking the opportunities which God gives us on a day basis? Are we going to the places where he leads us?

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