Jesus Christ is God’s precious and perfect gift to us. He is a heaven-sent gift, willingly given at great cost because we were in desperate need. The Father’s offer of salvation through His Son is both personal and universal. (John 3:16) Whoever receives Him discovers His unlimited worth.

God’s gift is also:

Preventive. When Jesus becomes our personal Savior, we’re granted forgiveness. He frees us from condemnation for our sin. (Romans 8:1) This divine gift prevents the believer from having to face eternal death, which would mean permanent separation from God.

Eternal. What Jesus brings lasts forever. From the day of our salvation, Christ’s Spirit dwells within us and never leaves (John 14:16). As permanent members of God’s family, we have an inheritance in heaven that can neither spoil nor pass away. (1 Peter 1:3-5)

Full of Love. Unconditional love motivated the Father to sacrifice His Son in our place. Not a single one of us deserved it. At some point, we have all sinned. (Romans 3:10) Each of us has turned away from God to follow our own desires. In spite of who we are, God set His affection on us and proved it through the life and death of His Son Jesus. By His love, we are rescued from bondage to sin and transformed into the people He designed us to be.

Peace-bearing. Peace that’s rooted in good situations isn’t really peace at all. It’s a brittle kind of harmony between man and the world, and it crumbles very easily. Jesus Christ offers true peace—a lasting contentment that is unbreakable, no matter what happens. However, a sinful life makes peace impossible. A person cannot experience the promise of God’s care when he or she is acting in defiance to His will. So when a believer expresses faith in Jesus, the war for self-rule ends.

Submission to the Lord allows His peace to fill your life. When the Holy Spirit lives within us, we can approach everything in life with confidence and serenity. The only way to get this lasting peace is through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

In Romans 5:1, Paul explains that to be justified—that is, declared no longer guilty—we must accept the sacrifice Christ made in our place. Justification makes us right with God and opens our hearts to all that He has come to offer us.

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