Daily Devotional Jeremiah

Today’s Reading: Jeremiah 48:1-49:22

In Jeremiah 48:11 we see that Moab had problems. He was used to an easy life. He had not really tasted what is called captivity and because of that, his taste remained unaltered, and his flavour was not changed. The long and short of the matter was Moab refused to change.

It’s fair to say very few people like change, but anybody who is a disciple of Jesus, must be prepared to change. Change is the very essence of life itself and when a person resists change, they are working against ‘new life’. Change requires we are ready to embrace it, even when most people would rather stick to their familiar past.

The nature of God’s work means we must sincerely change. When we read our Bible and we see men and women in the Scriptures who moved mountain for the Lord, we notice they travelled in unknown territories. Moses did not have a previous example of cross a sea but he did something and the Red Sea parted. Noah didn’t have a previous example of an ark, but he also trusted God. God is always faithful.

We have to make a decision to allow God to change us and trust Him. We must make that decision to change and examine all our old habits and practices.

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