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I recently received an email, with information about Biblica Europe’s Accessible Bible project.

While, most of us have multiple formats, styles and translations on our shelves and mobile devices which make it easy to choose a bible we can understand, for many people with disabilities, this just isn’t the case.

In the UK alone, there are almost two million adults living with a learning disability and a further 1.2 million who have a severe visual or hearing impairment, making accessing the bible extremely difficult.

Working in consultation with organisations including Prospects, the Torch Trust and Urban Saints, the Accessible Bible will use Biblica’s NIrV translation and feature a larger font size, adapted layout and accompanying illustrations, aiding understanding and making the text clearer and easier to read. They also hope that it will be of great benefit to those with lower levels of literacy and those with English as a second language.

Here is a video with some more information about the project:


You may also visit their website at as well as support the project.



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