Today’s  ReadingDeuteronomy 31:1-32:27 (additional reading Psalm 78:32-55 and Proverbs 12:21-23)

When it comes to the subject of dealing with the future we know that very little is certain. Consider these comments on the future: “Theoretically, television may be feasible, but I consider it impossibility–a development which we should waste little time dreaming about.” Lee de Forest, 1926. or “I think there is a world market for about five computers.” Thomas J. Watson, 1943, Chairman of the Board of IBM.

Today much of the world finds itself in the situation where so many people are out of work, the stock market uncertain, the fear of terrorism, the threats of war, and the everyday worries of sickness and death, create a future can look bleak.

Deuteronomy 31, helps us to face the future with the attitude of hope. When we look to the future and it seems the waters are rough; we need to take a dive. David wrote in Psalm 23 ‘God would lead me by the still waters.”

Adrian Rogers tells about the man who bragged that he had cut off the tail of a man-eating lion with his pocketknife. Asked why he hadn’t cut off the lion’s head, the man replied: “Someone had already done that.” As in Deuteronomy God is calling us to follow and when we are obedient with the little things, He will take care of the big things. What God is saying is “The hard work is done, your future is provided for, just trust and follow Me”

The Israelites went through times. There were moments when they did not know where next meal or sip of water was coming from. They had wandered in the wilderness for forty years and now Moses is dying. Yet, Moses assures them that God is going to guide them to the promise land.

C.S. Lewis defined hope as “A continual looking forward to an eternal world.”

I can not promise you that your tomorrow will be better, I can’t even tell you your year will get better, but with God it will be easier to bear and there will be a day of much rejoicing.


  • Do you current circumstance make it hard for you to hope?
  • How can you keep your mind on God and His promises?


Father, Thank You that You lead us and guide us to still waters. So often, we worry as life hits us hard. Help us to keep our trust in You and Your word. In Jesus’ name, Amen


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