Today’s Reading: 1 Timothy 4:1-16

We should be living a life that is an example to other believers.

a. In Word – what comes out of our mouths

b. In Conduct – how we behave

c. In Love – how we treat others

d. In Spirit – the tone and desire of our hearts

e. In Faith – our confidence in Christ

f. In Purity – the lifestyle choices we make

We talk a lot in the church about being an example to the world, but to be an example to other believers means if we are not taking care of ourselves, we can not effectively care for others. I can’t share with you, give to you, what I haven’t taken into myself.


Paul knew this challenge as well. He knew the temptation for Timothy to get so wrapped up in his ministry, that he would neglect his personal care. So he warned him, “Take heed to yourself.” That word in the Greek for “heed” – epekho – means to give attention to, to check, to stop. Make it a habit in your life to epekho. Give attention to yourself, and review how you are living. Practically, and spiritually.

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