Last night – (Friday) – We had the mission meal for the launch of the Wales mission 2011. This was a meal for people who have attended Wales before and for those who are interested in attending the mission this year. It was really great to see people who are really passionate about our nation and pray for us often.

Please continue to pray for these people as they are praying about scheduling this trip into their schedule and also try to raise the finances to make the trip. Please also pray that the right people will join this years mission.

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This Morning (Saturday) I had an amazing time with the clowns who were at a big (1000s) community fellowship event at a local school. It was a pancake breakfast but there was a lot of community groups there also. I can’t say how much of a blessing it was to be there. It was awesome to see the interaction with the kids and the skill of modeling so many balloons.

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