Today’s Reading: Luke 20:25-47

Key Verse: “Well then,” he said, “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God.” Luke 20:25

Don’t you hate questions where the questioner restricts you to only yes or no? The leaders were trying to trap Jesus. If Jesus said “yes,” all the people who expected the Messiah to liberate them from the Romans would have deserted Him. On the other hand, if Jesus said, “No,” the Romans would have arrested Him for treason. Instead, Jesus asked for a Roman coin, a denarius, and asked His own question.

Jesus asked, “Whose image and inscription is on this coin?” The answer was self-evident: Caesar’s icon and Caesar’s words were stamped on the coin. Jesus gave one of the all-time great principles when He said: Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s; and give to God what is God’s

When people looked at a Roman coin they saw the image of Caesar because his image was stamped upon it. Where do we find God’s image? To answer that question, you must go all the way back to when God created the world. Genesis 1:27 says, “So God created man in His own image, male and female he created them.” What do we owe God? We owe Him that which upon He has stamped His image–we are to give Him our lives. You and I are made in God’s image, and we are to give Him something greater than our money–we give Him ourselves.

John Stott writes: We bear the royal stamp of God upon us, we are His kingdom’s royal coin. Jesus looks to us and asks, “Who’s image is this? Who made this life? Who owns it? Who gives value to it?” Our Creator, of course. And Jesus challenges us, “This life is not yours. It was provided for you to use. But, it really belongs to someone else. So, give it back!”


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