Today’s Reading: 1 Kings 18:1-46 

The first we see of Elijah is in 1 Kings 18. He is told by God to go and announce that there will not be rain on the land until he says so. Baal worship had become common and Baal was thought to be the god of rain, so what better way to put that to rest than to stop all rain. Elijah makes his announcement and then leaves.

There are 3 words in verse 43, Elijah’s servant said, “There is NOTHING.” Elijah and Israel find themselves in a 3 ½ year drought. Most people have never experienced anything like that. We’ve had a few days, even a few weeks with no rain, but never 3 ½ years. Can you imagine that? We as Christians know what it is like to sometimes go through a drought. have prayed for a message from God and seemingly no message can be found. We know what it means to go to church and get into a rut and a routine. There is no spontaneous praise, no rain from heaven, and like David said our moisture has turned into the drought of summer.

And consequently, there are some of God’s little children who have never played in the rain, never wallowed in the watershed of heaven and in His almighty presence.

But Elijah knew what we must know and that is that a drought has a beginning and it has an ending. It won’t always be dry. It won’t always be dusty and barren. There are droughts that come to us as individuals, as a church, or even in our ministries. Droughts come to all of us. And in this drought, Elijah suffered like everyone else. 1 Kings 17:7 tells us that his brook dried up. He suffered the consequences of the drought like everyone else, but he knew it would not last forever.

Verse 41 says, “ …for there is a sound of abundance of rain.” We are living in a day when we say show me something and then I will believe it. But God says believe, and then I will show you something. No one else heard the rain, but Elijah did. If you are in a drought, listen out with ears of faith – there is an abundance of rain coming in your direction.

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