Today’s ReadingAmos 1:1-3:15 

Amos was a man who not many thought much off and some looked at as so unimportant, yet met the high and mighty priest that thought so much of themselves and stood the nation on its ear. The book of Amos starts out a little different from most of the other books. Most of them start out by saying the name of the person and the name of their father, and at times their claim to fame, but not Amos. His claim to fame is a little more humble. It was simply “the words of Amos one of the shepherds of Tekoa.” There was nothing flashy about Amos, no fancy titles, no fancy education, or affluent family, he was a simple and common man. But a common man or woman, or teenager or child in the hands of God is an awesome force to be dealt with. Ian Thomas Says, we can do anything through Christ, but the key is allowing Christ to work his will through our lives.

In his book the saving life of Christ he says “I may say to a glove, “Glove pick up this bible,” and yet, some how the glove cannot do it. It’s got a thumb and fingers, the shape and form of a hand, and yet it is unable to do the thing that I command it to do . . . As, soon however, as my had comes into that glove, the glove becomes as strong as my hand. Everything that is possible to my hand becomes possible to that glove.” The point is that God has things that he wants to do, and he wants to do them through us. When we yield our lives to him, and let him fill our lives then everything that is possible for God becomes possible for us, as he works through us. But if we are not willing to yield to God’s control in our lives, and make ourselves available to him and commit our lives to his desires, and His will then we are powerless. Amos was like that. He learned that there was a difference. Amos was just a guy that was happy to tend sheep, and pick figs but we see in Amos that something happened to Amos.

One of the most important messages we can get from Amos is “Don’t be too proud of yourselves.” It is God’s power through you that makes the difference. Amos asks (3:3) Can two walk together, except they be agreed? The only way we can walk with God and enjoy life with Him is to be in agreement with His will and His ways.

God is calling you to serve Him. It’s not just for priest or pastors to serve in the church and everyone else to watch. God has a plan for your life and you can do anything when you allow Christ to work his will through you.

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