During the last days of my visit to Atlanta, I attended the ‘All Things Clown’ conference at New Hope Baptist Church in Atlanta. The class schedule was really full and I had a great challenge trying to chose which classes I would take. I finally decided on the first day to attend following:

  • So you want to be a clown
  • Clowns and Puppets, they do mix
  • Oodles of Hospital Clowning ideas
  • God’s sense of Humour
  • Intro to sponge balls

By the end of the first day my mind was just exploding with new ideas and ways which these gifting can be used in ministry. It was such a blessing to see how many different ways people are serving God and the real professionalism which is part of this. Every class I attended was amazing and I really was just trying my best to remember everything.

On the Friday evening there was a show open to the public. The purpose of the show was for evangelism and posters had been put up in a lot of public places and many invites handed out. Including in the pancake breakfast you can read about on this blog.

There were 100s of people at the show and it was awesome to see the intructors performing and again just how many ways we as a church can reach people.

Saturday morning I was really excited once more to attend the conference and learn yet more ways of demonstrating the gospel and reaching people. On Saturday I attended the following classes.

  • What Clown Ministry means to me..
  • Keys to effective stage communication
  • Adding Music to your show
  • Making sense out of your show
  • Parades and Clowns

Once again I can’t give enough credit to this conference and I am so grateful for being able to attend. I just learned so much and am really excited to see how I can use some of these things in missions and outreach in the near future.

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