Today’s Reading: Matthew 26:14-46 

What would you do if you knew what was going to happen to you tomorrow? Would knowing the future change your behaviour today? If you knew the date of your death, would it change the way you live today? Would it make you live with more urgency? The fact is, none of us knows what tomorrow holds.

There is no-one in the world that knows the future. But God does. He holds time in His hands. He knows the end from the beginning. He is the Alpha and the Omega—the beginning and the end. God is the only One who knows our future and He warns us to be prepared.

In our passage today, Jesus knows what is in store for Him. He knows that within just a few short hours, He would be beaten and bruised and hung on an old rugged cross. He knows the tremendous task that lies ahead. So He knows He must urgently prepare.

Each of us has trials that are awaiting us. Maybe that’s one of the reasons that God doesn’t let us see into the future, because we couldn’t handle it. But the fact remains, that even though we don’t know what they are or when they’re coming, each of us will experience challenges in our lives. And the only way for us to pass those challenges victoriously is if we wake up and get prepared.

Prepare in solitude. Jesus knew that He needed to spend time alone with the Father. Each of us must spend time alone with the Lord. And that’s hard to do. But it’s not as hard for us as it was for Jesus. Jesus was constantly swarmed with crowds of people. He had to be very intentional about the way He would get alone with the Father.

So what’s your excuse? What kept you from getting alone with God this week? I’m not talking about a few seconds in the shower. I’m not talking about a few minutes in the car. I’m talking about dedicated, quiet, concentrated blocks of time alone with the Lord. What kept you from that this week? Were you too busy? Did you just not think about it? Were you sleeping? Don’t wait for the storm to come before you prepare your boat. Prepare now. Prepare in solitude. Starting today, intentionally plan blocks of time in your schedule to get alone with God. Schedule your time with Him just like you would a doctor’s appointment. You wouldn’t miss a doctor’s appointment once you’ve scheduled it. Why should you miss a scheduled appointment with the Lord? Urgently prepare for the challenges of life by preparing in solitude.


How can you make more time to spend with God this week?

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