Jesus turned the disciples’ thinking upside down one night with a symbolic act of love. Peter was so perplexed that he actually challenged his Master, “what are you doing, no you shall never do this”. What was this act? Jesus washed the weary, dusty feet of his followers and then says I have done this to set you an example. (See John 13:1017).

If Jesus considered foot washing (generally a servant’s duty) to be his rightful task, we should also take a look at this call to serve the way which he did.

Humility or servant-hood does not imply that we are to have an inferior view of ourselves. Romans 12:3 tell us that we are not to think more highly of ourselves then we ought but this is a healthy view not an inferior one. Scripture make it clear that we are of great worth and God has an amazing love for us. You cannot underestimate your abilities, background, contacts, positions, or any other assets no matter hoe trivial you may think they are. Since the Bible says that all good things are given by God (James 1:17), they must be handled with great respects and admiration.

Humility means staying broken and yielding to God on the one hand and resting in the power of God to work through us on the other. If we can maintain brokenness by God’s grace, then we will have the foundation of usability by God in all areas of our life, including mentoring.

A true Christian then does not shy away from given himself to other people. Again we can take our example from Jesus here, who gave the ultimate for people. Albert Schweitzer noticed that “Every person I have known who has been truly happy has learned how to serve others”

Mentoring is not simply the imparting of new skills or a program by which to direct a life. Rather it is the imparting of character and wisdom, which has been gained through life. The best way for us to lead is by serving; receive by giving; change lives through live and sacrifice. This is how Jesus lead and showed servant-hood and how we should follow. (Mark 10:43-45).

John Bonnell “Take the gift God has entrusted to you; and use it in the service of Christ and your fellow men. He will make you glow and shine like the very stars of heaven.” (Philippians 2:3-11)

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