Today’s Reading: Acts 11:1-30 


When you hear someone call himself or herself a Christian what comes to your mind? What beliefs, convictions, or lifestyles become visible across the screen of your thinking? How do you define what a Christian is? After the images and the defining, would you define yourself as a Christian?

Barnabas shows us a little of what a dynamic follower looks like – He always encourages.

In Acts Chapter 9 we meet up with Barnabas again. Paul the former Christian Killer was being shunned by the church, but Barnabas, the encourager, takes him by the hand and brings him to the leaders and says let me tell you about the change in my brother Paul. A true friend sees good in us that others can’t. They encourage others by saying, “I believe in you”

In Acts chapter 11, news has come to the church leaders that revival has broken out in Antioch–people are becoming Christians. The Apostles know just who to send down there to encourage the new believers .

Barnabas works for the success of others. Paul had been out of the picture for about 9 years but Barnabas needed help in leading the new church at Antioch and he goes looking for Saul and he trains him to be a church leader. At the end of the year at Antioch the pair head out on a missionary journey. Barnabas trained Paul so well that he surpasses him in leadership, and Barnabas cheers him on.

As good friends, we need to be overjoyed when our help and support plays a part in the success of another. Ronald Reagan once said there’s no limit to what we can accomplish if we don’t care who gets the credit. We need to be friends who work for the success of others.

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