Today’s Reading: 1 Chronicles 4:5-5:17 

Years ago a man went into the office of a well known C.E.O. of a major company. The man was requesting some help for missionary work. He asked the man for 10,000 dollars for the project. The C.E.O. had a disappointed look on his face. The man inquired why, he said, I was prepared to write a check for 100,000, I am disappointed you asked for something so small.

I wonder how is our expectation when we come to God? We serve a great God, and by faith we need to make large requests because great and mighty is the Lord our God.

In 1 Chronicles 4:10 we have what has become the famous Jabez pray. A prayer which has change many people’s lives, right around the world. He asked God to Bless Him indeed! Bless us above all that we can ask or think—do greater things in our lives than we can imagine. Show us great and mighty things we know not.

To enlarge his influence – give us greater opportunities than we have ever had before. Increase our influence, open up big doors that no one can shut. Give us bigger dreams and visions for our future, may we never settle for less than your best.

Keep God’s hand upon his life – give us a greater anointing, may the anointing of the Spirit of God be in our lives, in our homes, in our churches, that we may know God’s presence in our lives, may we have the touch of the Lord on our lives.

And to keep Him from Evil – keep us from falling into the traps of sin. Keep us from deception and the lies of this world. Give us power over Satan and every evil work.

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