Today’s Reading: Luke 13:1-21 (additional reading: Psalm 78:65-72 & Proverbs 12:25)

Today, we find ourselves in a vineyard – this owner planted a tree and expected the tree to progress, to grow – He expected to find some fruit on the tree.

The owner of the tree made a REASONABLE REQUEST. It was his tree and he expected this fig tree to have done better than in previous years.

This man planted a fig tree. In Biblical times, fig trees were valuable. This man did not plant any type of tree – He planted a tree that was valuable.  Fig trees were a valuable class of trees. The owner expects to find some fruit hanging on the fig tree and God expects to find some fruit hanging on your tree!

The owner expected some fruit to be on the tree– it was a REASONABLE REQUEST. However every time the Owner came to the tree with a REASONABLE REQUEST, the tree was unproductive and barren.  The thing that strikes me the most is this tree had some advantages.

The first advantage was LOCATION; the tree was planted in a vineyard. Being in a vineyard meant that the tree was protected. The vineyard was enclosed, round about by a hedge or a fence, to keep the wild animals from ravaging the fruit on the trees. And those of us who have given our life to Jesus Christ — enjoy the protection of God.

The second advantage that this tree had was that it was PLANTED!  Purposely placed and positioned. It was not a product of chance or coincidence! The tree had been planted in the vineyard! And that it had been planted suggests that the planter had a purpose in mind for the tree.

The Bible says, the owner kept coming, looking to find fruit of faithfulness, fruit of giving, fruit of family harmony, fruit of fellowship, fruit of fasting and prayer.

For three years – that’s a total of 36 months, 156 weeks, 1095 days, 26, 280 hours, and 473,040 minutes. And the owner found nothing.

What fruit is on your tree? You’ve been given a great start.

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