Today’s Reading: Isaiah 1:1-2:22 (additional reading: Psalm 52:1-9 and Proverbs 22:26-27)

Isaiah said that the Lord spoke to him, we can assume that he had visions and experiences where he audibly heard the voice of the LORD. Here was a man whom God had anointed to present a very special message to a chosen audience. It would plow deeply and overturn their perceptions of themselves and of their God. The message would change their lives if they listened to it, internalized it, and obeyed it.

Yet, who was Isaiah? Very little is actually known about Isaiah personally. The introduction to the book tells us he was the son of someone named Amoz.

Isaiah was married and he called his wife “the prophetess” (8:3) suggesting that prophecy was the family ministry, not his alone. They had two sons, one named Shear-Jashub (7:3), which means “a remnant shall return,” and one named Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz, which means “quick to plunder.” These names were given as prophecies of what was to come and a reinforcement of the prophet’s predictive message

Isaiah himself was called a man of God, implying that he was more closely related to God than most people. He was a servant of Lord, specially commissioned to do God’s work. And he was a messenger of the Lord; his words were authoritative because they were spoken in the name of the Lord. This is all we know of the man but it is enough to earn our respect for what he was and what he said.

I feel like I can sum Isaiah 1:10-15 up in a few words. ‘God is tired of people playing church instead of being the Church’. Isaiah was the contrast to this, He knew who God was and served Him faithfully.

If you want to learn like Isaiah to live Godly in a corrupt world. In verse 19 we find the last two conditions. Willingness and Obedience

The first thing you have to do is be willing. If you wanted to lose some weight, it’s one thing to have a great plan, but it would take you being willing to start the plan to lose the weight. Then we need to obey the plan, whether it be the exercise or the diet before anything would happen. Most people cheat and do not obey the plans of the diet and wonder why they are not losing any weight.

When you say I want to live a Godly life in this corrupt world, that too is a really great plan. But you have to be willing to make the sacrifices to obey God and His commands to make it happen.


Are you playing church?
Are you willing to obey God’s plan?


Father, Thank You that You have a perfect plan for us. Help us to live in contrast to the ways of the world and rather in turn with You. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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