Today’s Reading: Jeremiah 10:1-11:23 (additional reading: Psalm 78:56-72 and Proverbs 24:28-29)

Let me give you something to think about. Suppose as you come to church on Sunday morning and your pastor was standing on the church steps and before you entered the building, He began his sermon. He just started to preach to you while you are going to the inside of the church. What would you think of that?

This is exactly what the Lord told Jeremiah to do. Jeremiah lived during one of the most terrible times for the children of Israel. Jeremiah began to prophesy. He prophesied that if they thought they were in terrible times now, there were worse times yet to come.

It was terrible times because God’s people didn’t listen and because even Jeremiah’s’ friends didn’t listen. They turned against Jeremiah thinking they were going to defeat God’s judgement. He says: “Because the LORD revealed their plot to me, I knew it, for at that time he showed me what they were doing.” (verse 18)

In his own hometown of Anathoth, the people plotted to get rid of Jeremiah. They thought, “If we get rid of Jeremiah, we’re not going to have to listen to his words anymore. If we don’t have to listen to his words anymore, we’re not going to have to listen to God’s judgement.” Jeremiah didn’t know a thing about it. He was surprised. He simply went on preaching God’s word. That’s what he knew how to do. That’s what God had instructed him to do. That’s what God’s people rejected.

God’s Word is still here to stay today, but as Paul says in Corinthians: “The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God”(2 Corinthians 4:4).

Sometimes success, wealth and honour, fame, glory and riches, and the long list of the things of this world can blind our eyes to God’s glory. Sometimes we take the gospel and convert it into a law saying, ‘You’ve got to do this and you’ve got to do that.’ It’s an easy thing to do, and then we, too, forget to see the image of the glory of Christ.

When proclaiming the gospel we become very concerned about ourselves and how things affect us, rather than looking at the big picture of building up others, building up the kingdom of God. That’s why our text says, consider Jeremiahs’ character. The people didn’t want to believe him. They plotted to take his life. He could have easily changed his message, but he didn’t. He couldn’t because it was God’s word. Jeremiah simply realized that he had to be obedient in God’s service and we should act likewise.


Are you faithful to the Bible even when people disagree with you?


Father, Thank You for Your Word which is truth. Help us to remain faithful to proclaiming and living by Scripture rather than trying to please the world around us. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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