Today’s Reading: Song of Solomon 5:1-8:14 (additional reading: Psalm 51:1-19 and Proverbs 22:24-25)

Song of Solomon 5:1-6 describes the love coming to knock at the door of his bride, yet because she was sleeping and not yet ready, she missed him. Verse 6 says ‘I opened for my lover, but my lover had left; he was gone. My heart sank at his departure. I looked for him but did not find him. I called him but he did not answer.’

One of the most tragic things that could happen to a Christian is to have the presence of the Lord at work in your life and then for it to be gone. How long has it been since you have heard God’s voice tenderly call to you, or felt His presence, and you knew without a doubt Christ was in the room with you?

Here in this Scripture God’s betrothed Lover and Bride have become too comfortable! She refuses to open the door because it is not convenient and the cost of intimacy seems too high. she finally rouses herself, runs to the door to unlock it, and all that is left is the “Fleeting Fragrance of Where He Used To Be.”

Samson discovered this horrible experience when he played around with sin too long, fell asleep and got the hair of his head shaved off and broke the Power Covenant with the Lord. He didn’t even know it until he was confronted with his enemies (Judges 16:20).

Do you ever listen to Christians talking about how it “Used to Be?” “Years ago, I remember having such great services and souls being saved in revivals.” We talk as though God isn’t here today when in reality we are the ones who have let this opportunity slip right through our hearts because of laziness, lust, covetousness.

In our Scripture reading, we see the Bridegroom (Christ) is seeking the attention of His Beloved, the Church. God is looking for a person, a church, that will hear His gentle knock and open the door for Him. How often has Jesus knocked at the door of our heart and we acted just like Solomon’s bride? God is standing at the door and calling you. Don’t miss this opportunity to be intimate with Him.


Are you in a closer relationship with God than yesterday? Or you drawing closer or further away?
What is stopping you from responding to God?


Father, Thank You for calling us to come to You. Help us not to hide behind the door until we think we are ready, but to respond here and now. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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