Today’s Reading: Song of Solomon 1:1-4:16 (additional reading: Psalm 50:1-23 and Proverbs 22:22-23)

In it’s preface to the Song of Solomon (also known as the Song of Songs) the New King James Version gives these details.

“The Song of Solomon is a love song written by Solomon and abounding in metaphors and oriental imagery. Historically, it depicts the wooing and wedding of a shepherdess by King Solomon, and the joys and heartaches of wedded love.”Allegorically, it pictures Israel as God’s betrothed bride (Hosea 2:19,20), and the church as the bride of Christ. As human life finds its highest fulfilment in the love of man and woman, so spiritual life finds its highest fulfilment in the love of God for His people and Christ for His church” (Broadman & Holman Publishers, Nashville, TN, 1996).

The Song of Solomon is rich in descriptive language, picturing Christ the heavenly Bridegroom and His Bride—the Church. The entire book flows with a love that all but defies description.

It is not a sordid love of a carnal nature, as some might suppose, but rather a love that is pure and real. Just as two people genuinely in love will employ every beautiful word and phrase at their command to describe each other, so the language of the Song of Solomon is the language of love.

Did you know that no human being knows any other human better than God does? He not only knows where and how we live; but, He also knows where we try to hide! The beauty of the language used and the descriptions found in this book, as elaborate as they may appear still fail to fully describe the other. On the road to realism, optimists think the glass is half full; whereas pessimists think the glass is half empty! Realists, however, know that it doesn’t matter how full the glass is, if they stay around long enough, they are going to have to wash the glass! When it comes to faith, some people think they need to keep earning God’s Love, while others think of God’s love like an overindulgent grandparent who is so endearing and compassionate that there is no need to fear Him!

Songs of Songs describes a romance. It a longing for two people to be with each other. Is this the kind of love that we have for God? We can be sure that He wanted to be with us so much, He sent His one and only son to make it possible.


How does it feel to be loved by God?
Do you have a longing for God?


Father, Thank You that You love us with a divine romance. Thank You that You love for us is so great. Help us to love You with all our hearts and to desire You more than anything else. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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