Today’s Reading: Jeremiah 6:16-8:7 (additional reading: Psalm 78:1-31 and Proverbs 24:26)

Several years ago, there was a lonely man lying on his bed thinking how miserable his life is since he fall into sin and start living a life contrary to what he believe. The man was a former missionary but temptation finds its way to defeat him that cost his own family and his relationship with his dear Saviour.

In a nearby church during that early Sunday morning, he could hear the joyful and worship songs of the church choir. Suddenly, he felt the tears coming from his eyes as conviction from the Spirit began to touch his callous heart.

The man picks up the dusty bible from his cabinet, brush the dust and opens its page without any thinking where to start. The bible page was opened in Jeremiah Chapter 8 and his attention has been caught in verse 7 that reads: Even storks know when it’s time to return. Mourning doves, swallows, and cranes know when it’s time to migrate. But my people don’t know that I, the LORD, am urging them to return.

Suddenly, he felt the Spirit of God touching his heart. The words struck his very soul and he start to kneel and ask God’s forgiveness. With tears running on his cheek, He cried, God I’m sorry! Please forgive me for being so stupid not to repent and return to you the moment I fall. Today this Man is a pastor of a church in America.

When we mess up we don’t return to God for so many reasons, shame, embarrassment, pride, lack of understanding…. but one thing you can be sure of, as in the story of the prodigal son. The Father is waiting your return with arms wide open.

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