Today’s Reading: Hosea 4:1-5:15 (additional reading: Psalm 125:1-5 & Proverbs 29:9-11)

We can easily get to the point at which we are just going through the motions of our walk with Jesus. One of the things we must remember when it comes to our faith is that God wants something real; He wants a real relationship with us. God does not want us to just go through the motions of our faith. For those of you who are married, do you want a spouse who just goes through the motions of marriage or do you want to have a real relationship with your spouse?

The proper relationship of men to God is to know the Lord. Whereas some parts of Scripture emphasize the “fear of God,” Hosea emphasizes knowledge. The word “know” in Hebrew is used to describe a man’s relation to his wife (Gen. 4:1) the most intimate experience that is humanly possible. With Hosea, to know God is no mere intellectual matter, but is rather an intimate relationship that comes by living with and for him and must be persistently pursued (6:3). Without it there is killing, stealing, and false swearing (4:1, 2). The people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (4:6; 13:4; John 17:3). It is knowledge of God and mercy that God demands more than sacrifice.

When we lack knowledge of God, we can not develop a relationship with Him. Our relationships are built upon the foundation of knowledge. A lot of marriages fail because the relationship is just based on emotions or the satisfaction of needs. To really love someone you really have to know them. The Israelites did not have an intimate knowledge (or relationship with) of God.

Hosea 4:6 – 7 (NASB) My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children. The more they multiplied, the more they sinned against Me; I will change their glory into shame.

We are raising a society of people who know little to nothing about God and we will pay and are paying the price for that. The nation of Israel suffered because one generation did not teach the other. If we sit in the church and do not know anything, how in the world will we teach our children, and how will they teach their children? How can we show people the kindness of the Lord if we do not know Him? When people are hurting, how can we really help them if we do not know God?

At the heart of Hosea’s theology was the relationship between God and Israel. Hosea’s stress is not upon righteousness and justice, but the knowledge of God and loyal love.  God’s love for Israel would not permit Him to give up on them or you so commit yourself to know God today!


How can you commit to knowing God more?


Father, Thank You that You allow us to know You. Help us to share what You teach us with those around us. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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