Today’s Reading: 2 Chronicles 35:1-36:23 (additional reading: Psalm 27:1-6 and Proverbs 20:20-21)

Cyrus had received a charge from GOD to build GOD’S house. He has been commissioned by GOD to build the house of the Lord. The Lord does not want to repeat what was there the Lord wants to do something new. So he commissioned Cyrus to do a new thing. A builder when he is ready to build something he must first survey the land or surface he is getting ready to build on. He must determine if it is right for his use if it can support the structure being built. He will have a blueprint and he will check the blueprint to see if the area he is surveying is going to be able to contain what he is getting ready to put there. Much like GOD will do before he begins to work on us. He will first survey our hearts. Jeremiah 17:10 says that the Lord searches the heart. God will search the secrets.

Once you sort out the foundation and the framework it’s time to start laying the bricks. Bricks are funny though you can’t just use any brick. See bricks get piled together and sometimes they get shook up and sometimes they bang against one another. You have to check them brick by brick some bricks are faded some or chipped some will be missing corners. The brick that is used will become the very character of the temple. If the builder uses broken bricks the temple walls will have broken bricks in them.

  • We are the temples and Christ wants to build new temples some of our bricks have gotten damaged from the ride of life. Damaged brick will not stand the test of time.
  • We must have the brick of Righteousness if we are going to stand the test of time.
  • We need the brick of longsuffering if we are to be able to stay focused.
  • We need the brick of joy if we are going to bring joy into a darkened room.
  • We need the brick of peace if we are going to stand in the middle of the storm we have to be able to stay focused and say peace be still.
  • We need the brick of gentleness to be able to reach and understand those in need.
  • We need the brick of goodness to do for those who cannot do for themselves.
  • We must have the brick of faith to know when all looks lost God is in control.
  • We must have the brick of meekness, to know how to humble ourselves to the will of GOD. We must have the brick of temperance to know that we were once lost and sinking in sin that God is near.


What new thing is good doing in your life?
How has God been building you?


Father, Thank You that You are building us into the people You call us to be. Help us to follow Your blueprint for our lives. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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