Today’s Reading: Jeremiah 1:1-2:30 (additional reading: Psalm 75:1-10 and Proverbs 24:17-20)

The book of Jeremiah contain the prophesies of a man called by God in his youth. A heartbroken prophet with a heartbreaking message for his generation. In one of Judah’s darkest hour, God raised up a youth name Jeremiah. Against all persecution and hardships, Jeremiah stood his ground and boldly proclaimed a message from God to a stiff neck generation.

In Jeremiah Chapter one, Jeremiah received a call from God. God told Jeremiah that even before his was formed in his mother womb God already knew him and had called him to be a prophet to the nations. Jeremiah being very young was overwhelmed by the task that God has given to him. Jeremiah exclaimed “No way God! I don’t know how to speak! I am just a youth!”

Are you running away from what God is calling you to do because you are just a youth? Or maybe your running from God’s calling because you are too old or to busy or to poor. I have good news for you! God is speaking to you right now, “Do not say that I am just too……..!”

God has given you a divine purpose. Just as God has given Jeremiah a divine purpose for his time and generation, I believed that God has given this generation a divine purpose. Jeremiah said but I am just a youth! The task is too great for me. But God replied Jeremiah, no Jeremiah your youth is not an excuse. Jeremiah you have to be obedient to the task I have given to you.

You see there are two types of responses to God’s call. Isaiah just heard a heavenly discussion going on. He never even heard God mentioning his name in the discussion, but he threw up his hands and say God I volunteer! Send me!! Jeremiah was different. No not me, the task is too impossible send someone else!!! God is saying “What’s your problem Jeremiah? The whole of heaven is backing you up!” The same is true for us today. What could be our problem when we have God backing us up to fulfil our divine purpose?

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