Today’s Reading: Acts 21:37-22:16 (additional reading: Psalm 1:1-6 & Proverbs 18:11-12)

We never know when we will be required to speak up for the Lord. Paul had been worshipping in the temple, when he was falsely accused of bringing a Gentile inside the temple (21:27-29). A riot followed (21:30-31). The captain of the Roman guard broke up the riot, and bound Paul with chains (21: 34). Paul asked the captain for an opportunity to speak up (21: 39-40). Paul then gave his personal testimony (22:1-15).

Like Paul the best thing that we have to offer our world is not learned arguments but a personal testimony of what God has done for us. Revival will come to America not by powerful preachers with eloquent arguments, but when church members start telling the story of what Jesus means to them.

Look at the example of advertising on Television, we do not have Ph.D’s explaining the value of the products. You have housewives and children and the guy next door talking about Aim toothpaste, Honda cars, and Hungry Jack biscuits. And what do they say? “It works for me.” We run out and buy the product because we can identify with them. They are ordinary people just like us. This is a powerful reminder of what we should be doing with our witness for the Lord. Someone put it this way, “A Christian should talk to the Lord about his neighbours and then talk to his neighbours about the Lord.”

The story of Paul’s conversion must be important for it is found several times in the New Testament – three times in the book of Acts alone. It is found in the ninth chapter when Luke tells the story from the historical perspective. It is told again here in Acts 22 where Paul defends himself before a Jewish audience. And it is told again in Acts 26 where he defends himself before the Gentile Roman governors, Festus and Felix.

The question is, how often do you share your testimony with others?

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