Today’s Reading: Malachi 1:1-2:17 (additional reading: Psalm 149:1-9 &  Proverbs 31:10-24)

Many times, I’ve heard the same question “What can we do to get people motivated to do more for the Lord?” That is an excellent question. We would agree that the key to involvement is motivation. People need to want to work for Christ. But how do we motivate those who aren’t self-starters? How do we get people involved when it’s their nature to be wallflowers sitting on the sidelines watching others carry the load?

Some think that the problem is laziness. You’ll here some folks say, “People are just too lazy to do much church work anymore!” That might be true for some people. Paul called the people of Crete “lazy gluttons” [Titus 1:12].

However, I do not believe this is our primary problem. Those who stand on the sidelines in the church are often actively involved in other kinds of activities. So it’s not that they won’t do anything; it’s that they don’t understand the need to do the main thing. A church sign declared, “The main thing is to see that the main thing is the main thing.” Prioritize things so that what’s most important gets the attention it deserves.

In Malachi 1:6-10 we see that the Old Testament priests were doing a lot, but not the right things and the result was dishonouring God because they were not giving the best to Him. It’s important for us to bring this scenario up to the present day. We aren’t concerned with offering animals as sacrifices on an altar. But the main thing remains the question of what are we given to God.

Everyone operates under certain restrictions. Just as we don’t have unlimited money, we don’t have unlimited time or talent or strength. We have to set boundaries for ourselves. But it is here that we reach a critical difference which separates those motivated to serve from those who aren’t willing to give of themselves freely for the Lord’s work. What is the attitude ruling our hearts as we reach the limit of what we’re going to do for Christ?

Do we honestly say, “I really wish I could do more” instead of “That’s all I’m going to do; I’ve done my share.”? Do we pray for the Lord to bless us with more money so we can use it in some needed way to advance the cause of Christ? Do we really wish we could spend more time doing God’s work? As you make retirement plans, what thoughts do you have about spending that extra time working for the Lord? Do we pray for more strength and better health so we can better serve the Lord? Is that the genuine desire of our hearts? “A Willingness To Do What’s Needed.” That spirit should characterize every member of the church every day. If you’re not quite there yet (in having that willing heart every day), it gives us something to work on and grow toward.

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