Today’s Reading:Job 34:1-36:33 (additional reading: Psalm 44:1-8 and Proverbs 22:10-12 )

In Pennsylvania, there was a town (Centralia) that had to be moved because of a slow burn. The story is that this was a coal mining town, and, over the years, the mine shafts had been dug right under the buildings and streets of the town. But some spark had caused a fire to start way back in one of those shafts. The unmined coal began to burn, so far down that there was no way to put the fire out. So the mine owners abandoned the mine and sealed the entrances, hoping the fire would burn itself out. Weeks and months went by, and nobody thought too much of it, until suddenly, one day, a crack opened in one of the town streets, and smoke and fire came belching up through that crack! What had happened? The fire, though it had been well hidden underground, had not gone out. It had done a slow burn, building intensity all the time, until suddenly it found a weakness in the surface above it, and it shot out in a fiery frenzy. The slow burn had done so much underground damage that the entire town had to be abandoned.

People also do slow burns. Sometimes people keep feelings deep down inside, and you would never know those feelings were there. But they have not gone away. The passions have not cooled. They have just gone into a slow burn, which eventually erupts and flares out in all directions.

Elihu, a young man, had been sitting silently off to the side while Job and his three friends were batting issues around. Elihu had weathered Job’s storm of complaints. He had endured Eliphaz’s eloquence, he had bathed in Bildad’s blather, and he had squirmed at Zophar’s sarcasm. Elihu had been doing a slow burn. But now we watch him erupt.

What have you dug deep into your life which you should have dealt with? You don’t need to keep it hidden, instead, lay it at Jesus’ feet and ask for His help. Don’t act incorrectly today because of an issue of yesterday.


What things have you hidden deep but keep making their way to the surface?


Father, Thank You that in You we are a new creation, that all the old has gone and the new has come. Help us to hand over those things which are buried deep in our lives to You that You can change us to become more like Jesus. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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