Today’s Reading: Isaiah 66:1-24 (additional reading: Psalm 74:1-23 and Proverbs 24:15-16)

As the climax to Isaiah, this chapter describes the Lord fulfilling some of the promises He has made. The Lord had promise to distinguish between His true people and those who honour Him with their lips but whose hearts are far from Him (especially in chs. 60-62).

Men worship gods of every size and shape. They bend, bow, pray and worship gods they have made with their own hands and named from their own minds. Some make a statue of a little fat man, call him Buddha then point at that and say, “there is my God.” Some choose an animal (and everything else that moves) and says, “there is my God.” Yet, all the god they have is just what they see. If the bigness of those gods is based upon their ability to answer prayer and bless the worshiper; not one of them is as big as a hydrogen atom. If you serve Jehovah today, just how big do you think He is?

The real answer to that may lie in how big a role He plays in your life minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. If your can see God as big enough to make a universe, Surely He is also big enough to be worth offering Him your body as a living sacrifice. If your can see him as big enough to put the stars in place, is he not also big enough to save your lost loved ones? If you can see Him as big enough to lead Israel out of Egypt’s bondage, is He not also big enough to set you free from whatever it is that binds you and saps your victory?

If your can see Him as big enough to fill you with the Holy Spirit then can you not also see Him as big enough to work His spiritual gifts through you? If you can see God as big enough to be due lip service of praise and glory is He not also big enough to be worthy of your total commitment? If God is big enough to hear and accept the vows you made when he saved you and you joined His church; is he not also big enough to expect you to keep them?

God has had enough of people who do not listen to His word and despise those who do. God will one day judge those who are depending on externals to establish their relationship with Him, who delight in their way instead of the Lord’s way. Your thinking will not change His size but it will change your life.

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