Today’s ReadingZechariah 12:1-13:9 (additional reading: Psalm 147:1-20 &  Proverbs 31:1-7)

Friendly Fire – is a term originally adopted by the U.S. Military and is fire, which is the process of shooting guns or other projectile weapons, from allied or friendly forces, as opposed to that from the enemy. A friendly fire incident is when friendly or so-called friendly forces attack and damage those on the same side, this attack of friendly forces may be deliberate or accidental.

Zechariah 13:6 says “And if someone ask, then what about those wounds on your chest he will say, I was wounded at my friends house”.

The hurts received by the church or rather the church folk are especially painful and run extremely deep because they catch us off guard. We get hurt in the world and get over it, we get hurt in the church and don’t expect it to happen, but what we must understand who makes up the congregation? Who sits in the pulpit? People who come from the world, they are not perfect people, but they are striving for perfection; therefore hurt is a part of life both natural life and Christian life.

The pain caused by the church becomes a silent killer because of what it does deep in the tapestry of the mind, heart, and soul of the wounded. If not dealt with it will destroy the one wounded and like a black mold infiltration that slowly infects the whole house so will it infect and affect the spiritual life of the one wounded and even the congregation.

In the Good Samaritan story we all say I don’t want to be like the priest or the Levite, I want to be like the good Samaritan, but in all truth we are most often the ones that have been wounded and are in need of a good Samaritan. The Bible says in Proverbs 4:23  “Guard your heart above all else for it determines the course of your life”.  One way to protect your heart is to don’t blame God for how his people act.  Remember the people of God are striving for perfection.

If you have been hurt in the church, it is a painful experience, but don’t allow it to get a foothold that will hinder your relationship with God or His people. God calls us to forgive by the grace which He has shown us, it’s not easy, but it is possible because of God’s faithfulness to us.

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