Today’s Reading: 2 Chronicles 19:1-20:37 (additional reading: Psalm 21:1-13 and Proverbs 20:4-6)

Easter morning, 1799, the people of Feldkirch, Austria, were terrified. They believed this Easter would likely be the very worst day of their lives. Outside the gates stood the army of Napoleon, and he wanted in. The citizens were ready to raise the white flag of surrender.

The bishop of the church had another agenda. In a voice trembling with emotion, he said to the townspeople, “This is Easter Day. This is the day of our King’s resurrection. We must have one moment of triumph. Let us at least ring all the bells of Easter.” Fearfully, the people agreed. Soon the sound of church bells pealing out a celebration of victory filled the air.

Napoleon’s army was astounded. What could it mean? It didn’t take long for the generals to conclude that only one possible explanation could account for such celebration: the Austrian army had arrived during the night to help defend the town. The bells had not yet stopped ringing when the French army broke ranks and fled.

Today we read 2 Chronicles 20:1-30, where a similar situation takes place. God’s people find themselves in an impossible situation and do not know what to do. They know they do not have the strength to help themselves. However, they follow their King’s lead and cry out to God, and God comes through to deliver them and give them an amazing victory.

Sometimes we face situations that leave us filled with fear and uncertainty. We don’t know how to respond because our situation seems impossible. But God works in ways we cannot see and if we will do life with Him, our growing trust in Him will compel us to call out to Him for help. And He will answer us and help us.

I would encourage you to take some tangible step today to turn your dark valley into a valley of blessing! Maybe you need to pray. Prayer brings us closer to God. Seek God until you find Him. Worship Him. Begin to praise Him even before the battle begins. Let praise be your front line as you face the battle. God will fight for you. Take a stand for God and don’t back down! Then, be sure and thank God and praise Him for victory!


  • How can you praise in impossible situations?
  • Reflect on a time God has changed a difficult situation in your life?


Father, Thank You that change the impossible, difficult moments our life into moments of victory. Thank You that You enable us to overcome. Help us to seek You and take a stand. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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