Today’s Reading: Jeremiah 48:1-49:22 (additional reading: Psalm 95:1-96:13 & Proverbs 26:9-12)

In Jeremiah 48:11 we see that Moab had problems. He was used to a life of ease.  He was not emptied from vessel to vessel. He had not really tasted what is called captivity and because of that, his taste remained unaltered, and his flavour was not changed. The long and short of the matter concerning Moab was that he refused to change and because of that, he stank.

Anybody who would like to work with Jesus must be prepared to change. Somebody who was a drunk suddenly gives his life to the Lord, and he becomes a new person. He has changed and when you say, “Sir, were you not the one drinking in that place?” He would say, “That was before, I have now changed:”. Change is actually the very essence of life itself and when a person resists change, the person is working against life. There are some changes that one may be required to make which he or she is not even ready to embrace. A lot of people would rather stick to their familiar past. A lot of people are afraid of going into unravelled territories or taking any risk.

The nature of God’s work includes changing, you must sincerely change. Read your Bible very well and you will find out that men and women in the Scriptures who moved mountain for the Lord, travelled in unknown territories. Moses did not see a previous example anywhere but he did something and the Red Sea parted. He took a holy risk and God backed him up. So, you have to make a decision now to make a change.

Some friends may have to go, some ideas might have to be dropped and some habits might have to be changed if you want the fullness of God in your life. You must make that decision to change. You must examine all your old habits and practices. You must examine all your old friends, and challenge all those traditions you have been following which have yielded nothing.

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