Today’s Reading: Jeremiah 42:1-44:23 (additional reading: Psalm 92:1-93:5 & Proverbs 26:3-5 )

There’s just some people you can’t tell anything to. Their minds are like steel traps – tightly shut and difficult to open. They have their minds made up and they’re not going to change for you, or me or even God. That’s pretty much the situation we discover here in Jeremiah 44. Jeremiah warns the people that God is upset with their behaviour… and they respond: “We will not listen to the message you have spoken to us in the name of the LORD!” (Jeremiah 44:16). They’ve made up their minds. They LIKE what they’re doing. And they have no intention of changing for anyone neither for Jeremiah or God.

The people had an idea: If one God was good, several gods had to be better. I don’t believe they had totally abandoned the idea of being the people of Jehovah and I suspect they practised that part of their faith as well. But they wanted to buy a little extra religious insurance so that their homes would be protected. So that they’re lives would be better.

Sadly we can see the same things in so many peoples lives. They hold onto God with one hand, praying before eating and turning up to church yet on the other hand they hold onto all the pleasure that the world claims is good.

Essentially the people were saying: we’re not going to listen to you Jeremiah because:

  • · This is what our family has always done
  • · This is what our friends have always done.
  • · This is what our church has always taught
  • · This has always satisfied us in the past

I wonder if God has ever shown you anything while reading His Word but you have ignored it because it doesn’t fit in with your culture, friends or theology. It is vital that we always keep God’s word as out standard. To often we end up like that’s kind of person who refuses to read the instructions, because he’s sure he can figure it all out by himself. They end up with one or two parts left over and often without being able to get the thing they’ve put together to function correctly. The only way to live and please God is to live His way. That’s not only the right way but the best way.

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