Today’s Reading: Matthew 15:1-28 (additional reading: Psalm Psalm 19:1-14 & Proverbs 4:14-19)

Most of us have experienced the following: You take the whole family, and let’s say you drive to some place like Big Mac, you go through the drive-thru….you order that hamburger, you make all the orders, pay for all the orders then, you get to the window for pick-up. Everything is there, except your order..You are then told to pull-up and park and they will bring it out to you. Wait, Wait, Wait – I’ve just spent my weekend with people at hospital, everyone just waiting. For the next test, the next meal time, the next meds, the next TV show and ultimately to get better waiting, waiting, waiting – Do you like to wait?

What about when God is slow in responding to a prayer we’ve prayed? What do you do when you have to wait on God? Certainly, the Bible says ‘wait on the Lord’ Psalm 27:14 that’s easy to say. It’s easy to preach, especially, if you are not the one waiting. Tell that to the person who has just lost a loved one. Tell that to a person who has been told by a lifelong spouse, that they are leaving, and do not plan to come back. It’s easy to wait, if you are not the one having to wait. Tell that to the child who has to live in the midst of abuse. Tell that to the person getting bad news from the doctor.

We seen in today’s reading that when the women spoke to Jesus, He remained silent – What do you do When God puts you on hold? Everyone seemingly has received an answer, but now you’ve been put on hold. Keep on trusting in Jesus. You’ve got to keep on trusting in the God Who has always been faithful in the past. I don’t know about this present moment, but I know God has been faithful to me in all my yesterday’s. I must keep on trusting in Jesus. He’s been there for me all last week. He’s been there for me all last month. He’s been there for me all last year. I’ve never known of a time when God was not faithful. I’ve never known of a case that was too difficult for Jesus. With God nothing is Impossible!

This woman only gets the silent treatment. Does that mean Jesus is uncaring, and unconcerned? Absolutely, not! The woman of Canaan did not walk away. She kept on trusting in Jesus. She believed Jesus will eventually speak. That’s what we have got to do. We must keep on trusting in Jesus because He’s been faithful in the past, and because He will eventually speak to our need. When God puts you on hold just remember that He has a word for you. Hang on, stay on the line and you may not get that word immediately, but eventually, He will speak to your very need. Keep on praying. God will speak to you. Keep on reading the Bible, Jesus has a message just for you.

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