Today’s Reading: Job 8:1-11:20 (additional reading: Psalm 38:1-22 and Proverbs 21:28-29)

“Why” – it is such a simple word but oh, how it creates such tension, turmoil and doubt within us. By today’s reading Job has reached the point where feels like he is being unjustly treated, that he is being judged when he has committed no crime. As you are aware when a trial begins to continue on longer than we thought it would, longer than we thought it should, especially when we have responded biblically, it then becomes harder and harder to stand firm, to trust in God, to have hope and to continue to respond appropriately. As that trial continues it also grows more difficult to live without some kind of explanation of “why,” We know that we are to live our lives based on promises, not explanations. The longer a trial drags on the more intense our desire grows for an explanation. That is what is beginning to happen with Job.

In the beginning, he responded phenomenally. If you were writing the script of a model response that is how you would write it. But this trial has now been going on for months and his foundation is beginning to shake. He is beginning to question 10:2b(NASB) – “Let me know why You contend with me.”

Quite frankly, we think we have a right to know why. Does a person in the military have a right to know why his commanding officer orders him to do something? Can you imagine a football player calling a timeout in order to ask the coach to explain why he called a certain play?

So if that is true on the human level, is it not truer when it concerns the sovereign King of the universe and His created beings?

When William Whiting Borden died in Egypt in 1913 while on his way to the mission field, some people may have asked, “Why this waste?” But God is still using the story of his brief life to challenge people to give Christ their all.

When John and Betty Stam were martyred in China in 1934, there were some who asked, “Why this waste?” But “The Triumph of John & Betty Stam” by Mrs. Howard Taylor has been a life-changing book since it was published in 1935.

When the five missionaries were martyred in Ecuador at the hands of the Auca Indians, some called the event a “tragic waste of manpower.” But God thought differently, and the story of those five heroes of the faith has been ministering to the church ever since.


How can you trust God’s decisions?
Does God waste anything?


Father, Thank You that You don’t waste any situation in life but use everything to Your glory and our good. Help us to trust You even when life doesn’t make sense. Thank You for Your love for us. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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