Today’s Reading: Job 40:1-42:17 (additional reading: Psalm 45:1-17 and Proverbs 22:14 )

Job was a man who came to the understanding that He didn’t understand God, and it humbled him. He, along with his friends (so-called) thought they had God all figured out when it came to human suffering. We have been reading how his friends said one thing and Job said another. But both discovered that God was much bigger than what their finite minds could ever comprehend.

I don’t think our finite minds, even with all of our science and technology, can do any better, do you? We have put God in a box for far too long. God is far bigger than we can ever imagine. He is an awesome God with awesome power.

God gave Job a quiz and asks him a series of question for him to answer as almost to prove that he didn’t know all there was to know about God. God asked Job about 43 questions and he couldn’t answer a single one. He asked questions like: “What holds up the world? Who decided how big the world would be? Who determined where the sea should stop and the land begin? Can you make morning come when you are ready? Can you make thunder and lightning, or cause the wind to blow in any direction? Can you change the stars in the sky or rearrange the constellations?”

For four chapters God asked Job these questions, and Job stands there will his mouth wide-open not saying a word. Finally, he answers: “Lord, I know you can do all things; no plan of yours can be thwarted. You asked, ‘Who is it that fills his mouth with words with knowledge?’ Surely I spoke of things I did not understand, things too wonderful for me to know”- Job 42:2-3. J.

Job couldn’t answer a single question, and God knew it. What point was God making? I think God was saying, “Job, I don’t need you smart. I don’t need you to explain Me to the world. I don’t need you to solve the problems of life. I don’t even need you to understand Me. All I need from you, Job, is absolute faith in Me.” God has never demanded that we understand Him, just to trust Him.


Do you think you have figured God out?
Do you try to limit God by your limited understanding?


Father, Thank You that You are so much greater than we can imagine. Thank You that You are so wise, powerful and loving. Help us then to trust You knowing that You can do all things. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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