Today’s Reading: Esther 4:1-7:10 (additional reading: Psalm 36:1-12 and Proverbs 21:21-22)

Key Verse:: “And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14

Your moment of birth was great because of the door of opportunity it opened for you. You were created in the image of God. You were made for His delight, and with great potential. Esther was put in the position of great responsibility. She had both the power and the privilege to make a huge decision.

The fact of the matter is, birth gave us the opportunity but where you are today is a result of the decisions you made yesterday and where you’ll be tomorrow will be a result of the decision you make today. That’s a scary statement… but it’s true!

God could have given us a set of instincts like animals, but instead, He gave us a free-will. It was a risky business on His part because the capacity to choose also gives us the ability to choose wrongly! Esther had the power and the privilege of choice. We saw yesterday that Esther was an orphan but she has grown up and has power and the privilege to make decisions.

Ultimately we’re all responsible for the choices we make. As we grow older life is based less on our conditions and more on our choices. We made the choices that got us where we are today!

When Mordecai heard of Esther’s dilemma He sent a message to her. “Esther you’ve got a choice to make, and whether you realize it or not, you won’t escape the consequences of your choice. You’ll be responsible for the outcome either way.!” Even though she was the Queen, Mordecai was filling her in on her responsibilities. You know what the first response of most of us is when faced with a crucial decision – we PROCRASTINATE! We back-off, bailout or beat around the bush! Anything but face it! But in today’s text, it was time for Esther to step up and make her choice.

What do you need to step up to today – what decisions should have taken in your past which are still affecting you and others today? What will you do today to shape your tomorrow?


Where have your choices taken you?
How do you view your responsibility to take action for God?


Father, Thank You that You give us so many opportunities to serve You. Help us not to waste them, but to step and respond to Your call. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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